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For many parents, the subject of math arouses feelings of anxiety — perhaps conjuring up memories of timed tests, difficult concepts, or embarrassing mistakes made in class. If you think of math as something that other people are good at or that has no practical use, your attitude may undermine your ability to coach your child. Take the fear and frustration out of math homework by pointing out how numbers are used in your home on a daily basis.

Covering your bases

Grade school kids are just learning how to interact with their classmates and make friends. But those who have trouble speaking and other issues may need your help to learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

1. Talk regularly with your child.

Kids who have trouble communicating may be reluctant to talk at all. Your job is to encourage your child to initiate or engage in conversation as much as possible so she begins to feel more comfortable sharing her thoughts.

Tips for Asking Questions

How and when parents ask questions may make a big difference. Avoid asking all of the suggested questions [listed further in this article] on the same day. Try starting with one or two, and after a while, focus on the ones that elicit the most meaningful responses. Talk to your child during a time when you have the ability to focus so that your child feels he or she has your full attention. 

More Suggestions

Haiku/PowerSchool Learning is the District 300 Learning Management System [LMS] used by our students. Haiku, or PowerSchool Learning, is also accessible to parents so they can view techer websites and view the same information as their students. Parents can access their student's PowerSchool Learning account by using the parent's email address as the login and District300 as the password.

Students released at 11:45 AM on the following dates:
Thursday, April 13

Beginning fall 2016, Liberty Elementary and District 300 will supply instructional technology devices to classrooms and/or individual students. Parents/Guardians must submit the mandatory Parent Consent Form before the start of the school year.

For additional information regarding the District 300 1:1 Program, please click HERE.

Per School Board Policy 7:100, students not meeting the Physical Examination and Immunization requirements prior to the first day of school will not be allowed to start classes.

Summer Office Hours:

7:00 AM-3:30 PM

Go to the following website to learn how to complete online registration for the 16-17 school year:


D300 Dual Language Program 2016-2017

Will your child be in kindergarten in the 2016-2017 school-year? Are you interested in learning about the D300 Dual Language program, which is held at Liberty Elementary School and open to students throughout the district? If you answered "yes" to both questions and you don’t have another child in this program, please be sure to attend one of the following information sessions at Liberty (6500 Miller Road, Carpentersville):

Phone: 224-484-4800
Fax: 224-484-4815
Liberty Elementary
6500 Miller Road
Carpentersville, IL 60110
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